0 iPhone 6 AT&T 4G Network Tops At 28.87 Mbps - iOS Vlog 409 .. Explanation video

Explanation video ..iPhone 6 AT&T 4G Network Tops At 28.87 Mbps - iOS Vlog 409

GigaOM got a chance to try out a demo of AT&T's 4G Network that should be making its debut sometime next year. The new 4G network making its way onto the market and to consumer phones has topped just above 28 Mbps download and about 10-11 Mbps upload speed. If want to compare, Verizon's network currently supports about 10 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up, still speedy, but not speedy enough. We should expect an iPhone 6 to release next year as well running this blazing fast 4G on both networks, but of course, only one will be faster

0 iPad 2 : honest review and new features – step by step guide


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0 video: Use your iPad with different GSM Cellular Networks


This video is on how to use different cellular networks with your iPad. Whatever GSM sim card you are using, you need an Internet Data Plan with your Service Provider.
Try to refresh Cellular Data Network settings in your ipad after inserting a sim card

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