0 Anyone in San Diego making it as a freelancer?

Hey Dustin,
Why do you think clients feel that remote workers are less
attractive? I get that a lot too and would be glad to hear different
points of view. Between Skype, SVN, Basecamp and other online tools;
working remote works great, but some (most?) clients wont go for it
and I'm trying to understand/figure out why. Even with the option of
being onsite for project kick-off, I still see a real aversion.
Although I do work with one firm where pretty much everything is done
in a remote fashion, PM on the West Coast, developers North East, UI
guys South East and think work very smoothly as long everyone is
What are your observations?
On Apr 20, 11:53 pm, Dustin Dettmer

0 Help with navigation, history and back button

I have a very similar problem.
I had been trying to work with jQTouch.gotBack(). The documentation
says that supplying the id for a div will take you back to that div in
the history. But this doesn't seem to work for me. For example I
should have something like this in my history:

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