0 jQT DataZombie Phonegap and orientation

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the version of Tabbar
Using PhoneGap and I noted that following the rotation of my iphone,
the screen does not scroll more fully, and would not let me get to the
bottom of the page.
Everything works, but only in mobile safari, not in PhoneGap.
I then tried, unsuccessfully, to set PhoneGap=true in jqtbars.js
Then I tried to call jQT.setPageHeight (); after a change of
orientation, as recommended by DataZombie. I'm a nooby, but the
problem is upstream:
after several days of tests, I finally understood that the orientation
of my iphone is not detected by PhoneGap! So, no correct iscroll after
a change of direction!
Can anyone help me?
I read other posts, but have not found anything that solves the

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May 12, 2011
iPhone Love in a Time of Smartphone Overload

By Juliana Kenny

TMCnet Web Editor

Everyone knows what the iPhone (News - Alert) is. I’m willing to wager that anyone with access to any sort of technology knows what an iPhone is, and at some point, has marveled at its brilliance. But, nowadays, there are plenty of other technological advancements to marvel at, including heavily upgraded Blackberrys and fully loaded Androids all with equally as stunning software and applications.

We take advantage of these ingenious devices on a daily basis. We scramble when our Twitter apps crash, we whine when the screen gets scratched, we bemoan the battery lives, but, in a world of smartphone, and now tablet, overload, some of us should take the time to step back and appreciate what we have, albeit as “commonplace” as the iPhone... Read More

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